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Hello gentlemen, I hope that this finds you well and in good health. I would like to share a story of my experience with Stamina Guide a book by John that changed my life.

On first glance, I was skeptical because everything seemed too good to be true and was too easy to follow and act on, compared to other products that I have used before. There are too many scams on the internet lately and I was not looking forward to be being trapped in one.

John however, after my research proved to have a unique and 100% natural product that could solve a problem that was threatening the health of my marriage. My wife was constantly complaining and I was feeling ashamed of my lack of performance.

My Story


I am married man in his late 40s and I had a very humiliating condition where I would ejaculate within seconds when making love to my wife. Now given that my wife and I are at a time of our lives where we are more stable, this was the last thing that our marriage needed.

Sometimes I would last normally and we would both be pleased, sometimes less and sometimes I would take a long time to cum. However as I got older, I started to last less and less, much to my wife’s disappointment and shame to me.

There was a lot of confusion at this time, I didn’t know what was happening to me, what I did wrong, what is causing this or what my wife thinks of my failure. Because it felt like a failure that as a man I could not make my wife happy in bed.

Self Esteem


My condition bad effects on my self-esteem and my whole confidence in my abilities as a man. It did not just affect my self-esteem with my wife but also touched other areas of my life like fatherhood, work and my relations with my friends.

I was feeling ashamed of myself and I felt like it is written on my forehead that I am not performing well in making love. It was feeling like my quality of life is not what it used to, there was more frustration added to my life and it took a tool on my performance in other areas

To make matters worse, the following started happening as well;

  • Both me and my wife’s sexual pleasure was greatly decreased
  • Our sexual relationship went out the window for months
  • My wife started experiencing self-esteem issues as well
  • Our general quality of life became impaired
  • We started having unnecessary arguments

And because of all this our kids were negatively affected as well because mommy and daddy were not happy, not talking and when they were talking, it was an argument. Seeing people that I love being affected by my problem further brought down my self-esteem. I needed help.

Road to Recovery

reading on a tablet

I did not know where to start, especially because this was a secret mission that no one was supposed to know about, my wife included. The only thing I had was determination to fix my life once and for all, I was ready to try everything, and desperation was stepping in.

I started by reading about the psychology of sex, sex and depression and books on sex issues. They had some useful information, but it was just that, information that I could not use to help me last longer because that was what I wanted.

There are a lot of books, articles, magazines and products that are created to help solve this problem.  I also checked many websites and online self-help sites to understand what is wrong with me. The one thing I wanted more than anything else, was to stop feeling less like a man.

The biggest challenge that I faced on my road to recovery was not finding something that could work on me, everything that I tried just did not have the desired outcome for me. I was still inconsistent in my ejaculations where some days were better and some days we just plain horrible and left us regret even trying to make love.



Of course the next best thing that I did to solve my problem was sought out a therapist, my wife had a large part to play in getting me there. I am usually skeptical about therapists because I do not understand how they charge so much money for talking to a person!

And as a man the humiliation to visit a therapist to help cure my premature ejaculation was too much, but for my wife, I would do anything. I prepared myself to step up and do whatever it takes and take all the advice that the therapist offered.

My therapist was helpful, I could see changes and improvements with our sex life, I gained some of my self-esteem back and could see that I am well on my way to getting what I am paying for. There was just 2 problems with this therapist option.

The process was taking too long, I had months and months of therapy sessions and I was slowly getting impatient and wanted to just end the process already. And it looked like completely helping me was still a long way off.

Mind and Body Control


One of the best things that I learned from therapy was realizing that what I am going through largely has to do with failure to control my mind and body. The therapist helped me to learn how to reclaim that control with some techniques and various methods.

I was now aware that in pre ejaculation:

  • Involves 2 factors- mental and physical control
  • Good results come when you combine the 2
  • One can easily control the other and break the merge
  • Overthinking distracts from the sexual act

Learning How to Let Go of Pressure

It is one thing when the pressure is coming from you but when it comes from external factors, your wife included it is too much of a burden. I had to review how I have been handling the situation and see what to change.

I decided that I had to tell someone else my problem, other than just my wife and therapist. It was very hard to step up and admit that I am having performance problems. Men are always ready to make a joke on the issue.

Finding someone to trust was not as easy as I imagined, all my friends never approached me about sexual problems, not that we don’t talk about sex, but we normally talk about our prowess not shortcomings.

Had to take some of the advice that my therapist suggested and found it within me let the shame go for a while and consult a friend. He was sparingly supportive and after a while confessed that he too has the same problem. My therapist did say that men are secretive about sexual challenges.

Enjoying Not Preforming


After deciding that rushing will not eventually give me the solutions and answers that I was looking for, so I decided, together with my wife no take break from lovemaking. This was probably one of the most mature decisions I was a participant of.

I am not saying that I had made peace with my condition or was happy to continue the rest of our days not making love, if I said that it would be a lie. What I did was acknowledge that things are not working, despite all our efforts and the amount of money were spending were starting to start a new set of challenges for us.

So we started focusing on other ways to be intimate, my friend of mine referred a book to me that has been helping him too. It was refreshing to not have pressure to perfume and to enjoy being with my wife without penetration. But I knew that it cannot be forever like that, I still needed help.

Getting It on

One day, while I was on my then routine of searching for products and books on fixing my pre ejaculation problems I came Stamina Guide. It was described as a permanent and natural cure for premature ejaculation and it was exactly what I needed.

I got Stamina Guide as soon as possible and started following the method letter for letter and did everything that was outlined and the results were instantons. I lasted longer than I have ever did, at one point, I lasted for 30 minutes and my wife was very happy

John’s method did more than just fix my pre ejaculation problems but it also taught me there is always a reason why premature ejaculation and that I had to fight that enemy first!

This incredible book has so many important points but the ones that stood up for me are:

  • Helps to deeply understand the root of the problem
  • It is 100% natural method
  • Gives suggestions on how to get a rock solid erection
  • The method gives permanent results

It was good to go back to my old self and start feeling like a man, something that I missed during my early ejaculation issues days.

Going Forward

I started being more confident with my wife and she also started respecting me more and more because I was keeping her satisfied at home. We started having more sex than we ever did and it was an incredible moment every time we did it.

My wife has nothing but good reviews about this book and she also read it just to see how good it is and help me with the steps. She is thinks John deserves a good recognition for all the work he does in saving marriages.

I have removed all the pdf eBooks and any other reading material about premature ejaculation because I have found the perfect product that helped me get back to my self-loving self and give my wife the best orgasms of her life.

Imagine being able to last in bed for as long as you want, satisfy your partner, and try various techniques and sexual positions. I am having the best times of my married life right now, no matter how many times we make love, I can still last long and maintain a rock hard erection.

Independence and Sharing

This product is so good that you need only use it once and you do not have to keep going back to read the book, the results are also instantons! It is so easy to use and follow, because of its natural method, it is sustainable as well.

The PDF can be shared with friends or family once you are done with it. In that way, you and people close to you do not have to purchase the book over and over again. I have been getting good reviews from my friend, whose sex life is also better than before.

The above facts are just another bonus that I found incredible with this book. After using so many methods that were not only long and non-recyclable, they were very expensive too! I could not transfer my therapy sessions to my friend, but I could give him this book.

If this was not a sensitive topic, I would gift it to all my male friends especially because the benefits are not just the sexual gratifications but taking care of your sex life helps you to concentrate on other important things without mental distraction.

Lately, I am more active at social functions, more confident at work, spending more time with my children and being a supportive friend. The problem that has been distracting from being my best self is permanently out of my life.

Completely Worth It

Stamina Guide has been successful on over 400 men and proven to do wonders for men who are in need. You can also buy at a mere $47 only! Now that’s value for money on such a great product that will help you permanently.

This product has a step by step guidance and all you have to do is to follow it. The benefits are endless

  • Getting your self-esteem and confidence back
  • Stop feeling embarrassed and humiliated
  • Have the love and respect from your partner again
  • Have mid blowing sex

One thing you should also note is that this Stamina Guide has a 60 Day money back guarantee! That’s how much faith John has on his method’s effectiveness. If you download this guide and follow it will transform your life and sexual experience for the better. If you are not completely satisfied, you can have your money back, simple!

Now you only have to decide when you want to start because you can order the book and download it at any time that you are ready to take action and change your situation forever. Imagine finally getting rid of the frustration, disappointment and embarrassment associated with ejaculating after seconds.

Final Word

Stamina Guide comes with not one but 3 special bonuses! The first one is Bedroom Sex Guide which is valued at $47 and will guide you step by step on different sexual techniques. It also has secret formulas to give your partner her best orgasms and enhance sexual experiences of the both of you.

The second bonus is simply titled Orgasm Top Tips Guide, it is valued at $47 as well and it is a perfect book to complement the Stamina Guide method. Now that you have the rock solid erection and you can last long, you need to know how to pleasure your partner!

And finally the third bonus is called Hot Bedroom Sex Guides: 4 Volumes, it is valued at $116 and you will be getting it for free! You will have great amounts of fun in your relationships after going through the 4 volumes.

You can chose to spend just $47 for the Stamina Guide and get 3 other incredible books for free or you can chose to do nothing about your pre ejaculation challenges or you can decide to stay and do nothing while your sex life plummets. I chose the latter and look at me now, I am a testimony.

Order now and maybe next time it will be you giving a review about your great sex life! Now bye bye, my wife is waiting.

Use The Stamina Guide Today, And You’ll Start Lasting Longer Every Time You’re In Bed – Click Here To Start Lasting Longer Than Ever Before In Your Entire Life!


• Affordable to every man. When you use this guide you are able to save a lot of money that you would spend on doctors and specialists.

• Very safe. This is a guide that is based on natural methods. This means that you will be safe applying the techniques provided.

• Easy to understand and apply the techniques provided.

• Improves your sex life. After going through this book you will be able to change your sex life by improving your performance.


• The book requires you to take some time to apply the techniques since the results cannot be realized in a single day.

• It might not work to some men.

Summary: If you get to know about this product and you are a man you will not think of any other. It is the Stamina Guide. Providing you with the kind of power that will enable you to last longer in bed. A very safe product and easy to use.

RatingRated 4.4 stars

Rated 4.4 stars
4.4 / 5 (5 )


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Rating: 4
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A weapon for men!

on 2017-12-19 05:49:17

I am no longer ashamed of myself when it comes to bed. Actually i am more confident than ever. When it comes to performance in bed, i can assure any woman the best. Through this, i am able to satisfy my partner and myself at the same time. All this began after i decide to try the stamina guide. The guide provided me with very good and simple tips. They are easily accessible and there are no side effects. It is just but a good guide. Men you should go for this.

Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

  • Easy to Understand
    User: 100%
  • Price
    User: 87%
  • Help & Support
    User: 100%

on 2017-11-14 14:08:51

Lack of stamina can ruin intimacy. This is a comprehensive program that allows you to address the issue in private. Tips are easy to understand and simple to put to use. If you are struggling with this, you will definitely find help.

Randall Martin
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

  • Easy to Understand
    User: 96%
  • Price
    User: 93%
  • Help & Support
    User: 94%

on 2017-10-03 05:50:11

Not only was my wife annoyed but I was also frustrated at how fast I finish too; I wouldn't want a involuntary quickie all the time!
Let this program enter your life, and you'll be surprised how you and your wife will get tired after sex. It's just that amazing. Here's a thumbs up!

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

  • Easy to Understand
    User: 100%
  • Price
    User: 94%
  • Help & Support
    User: 98%

on 2017-08-27 12:08:17

I don't want to be too dramatic here, but this program literally saved my marriage. Thank you so much!

Gerald P. Herman
Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

  • Easy to Understand
    User: 80%
  • Price
    User: 80%
  • Help & Support
    User: 89%

Worked Brilliantly!

on 2017-08-03 09:02:29

Used the guide and has boosted the time I lasted in bed. Now i have a much more stamina and better performance in bed! Can't even describe how happy my wife is and how happy am I! Thumbs up to the author and the product.

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