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Man’s worst enemy

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is can cause devastating problems to a man. Moreover, it causes even greater problems for his partner. It is indeed destroyer of both man’s confidence and relationships.

Couples broke up, engagements get canceled and marriage couples often end up divorced because of this problem. And that problem usually escalates very quickly.

Man cannot perform and loses self-confidence. Then, his partner may start to think that it is her’s problem, that she is no longer attractive to him. What’s even worse, man can blame his partner, act as if she is the cause of the problem.

How common is ED?

It is a pretty common problem for men at all ages, and the numbers exponentially increase with age. Just looking at the US stats, almost half of male population experience some form of ED in their lives. You read that correctly: 50% of the male population!

And here is another stat for you: almost 200 million men worldwide experience struggle with ED. So, if any of you readers have ED, I hope that you will at least find some comfort in these stats. You are far from being the only one with this problem.

What causes ED?

The list of what causes ED is frightening (note that these is not the full list):

  • increased age
  • alcohol or drug use
  • smoking
  • various psychological problems (like anxiety or depression)
  • stress
  • various physical problems (injuries, obesity, consequences from surgeries…)
  • numerous diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension…)

What are the solutions for it?

So, looking at the problems and causes, you might think that if you fix the cause you will fix the solution. That seems logical: cause and solution.

But what if you have a combination of causes? Furthermore, while physical causes can be “easily” solved, what about the psychological problems? Anxiety can cause stress, stress can cause anxiety. Then you feel depressed because you don’t know what is what anymore.

For this reason, you decide to visit a psychiatrist. You share your problems, you talk, cry and scream, and for that, you get pills. Now look above: don’t drugs cause ED? Naturally, not all drugs cause ED, and you will probably get a prescription for anxiety or depression, but still. This won’t solve your problems. Maybe delay, but definitely not solve.

So, you realize that treating your causes won’t solve the problem, you try treating the problem. And that is where pharmaceutical problems embrace you with open arms: Viagra, Caverject, Cialis, Stendra; you name it! But that won’t solve your problems either.

For a while, it might work. But not on a long run. And while those pills help you with ED, they will cause damage to other parts of your body.

What is the REAL solution for ED?

Thankfully, natural solutions for ED problems are becoming more and more popular. In this review, I will talk about one specific method developed Yun Chan, a master of Chinese medicine.

You probably never heard of him, or his methods. But that’s understandable, considering the fact that there is no money to be made in promoting natural exercises that will solve your ED problem. It is a lot easier to simply prescribe a bottle of blue pills and be done with it.

Erection Amplifier as a long term solution for ED

erection amplifier protocol

This method is a long term solution for any type of ED. It is natural, safe, and healthy method that you should at least try, especially if you’ve tried everything else. Moreover, hundreds of man have already rated this method as the best method for solving ED problems in their reviews online.

The thing is, our bodies function perfectly when you take care of it, and just like you can get your muscles in shape by exercising, you can get your sex organs in shape. Think of it this way. If you want to strengthen the muscles in your arms, will you take pills or will you exercise?

Taking pills for ED is the same thing as taking steroids to pump up your muscles. It is a short-term and dangerous solution. Moreover, your body will get used to the pills, and will no longer produce the natural amount of testosterone.

If you’re tired of small weak erections and want to get the Erection Amplifier – click this link. 

Free Erection Amplifier tips

Tip #1

You should start paying more attention to your mouth gums. Though it might seem unrelated, gum disease can cause problems to your bloodstream. Using disinfectant mouthwash three times a day will ensure the health of your mouth gums. Consequently, your blood flow will increase, which will make your erection a lot easier and more often.

Tip # 2

Start using coconut oil when u masturbate. Vigorous everyday masturbation often leads to decreased sensitivity of penis tissue.This low sensitivity can cause issues during sexual intercourse.

Tip #3

As I’ve already said it in this review, muscles are strengthened with exercises. By simply squeezing and holding the muscle in between scrotum and anus for five seconds and releasing it for five seconds will strengthen your penis muscle. You have to do this exercise ten times, every day.

Just by following these three tips you will begin to strengthen your sexual muscles and flush out the poisons that are preventing you from getting an erection. These are free tips, and they alone will probably help you with your ED problem.

What exactly is Erection Amplifier?

This is the formula for successful erection, created by Jon Hansen.

When Jon discovered that he suffers from ED, it almost destroyed his life. His wife almost left him, and according to him, he literally tried everything to save his marriage. He and his wife even arranged that other man should satisfy her needs because he couldn’t! That’s just one example of how far he was willing to go in order to save his marriage.

He and his wife even arranged that other man should satisfy her needs because he couldn’t! That’s just one example of how far he was willing to go in order to save his marriage.

And then one treatment at Yun Chan changed the way he looked at his problem. One simple pinch and he had an erection that night. So, he started doing some research on natural ways to solve ED. And after years of research on the male reproductive system, he assembled his own system called Erection Amplifier.

It includes series of exercises and diet suggestions. More importantly, exercises are easy to perform and the food is available in any grocery store! It doesn’t require any visitations to the pharmacy, nor will you use any additional supplements for your diet.

What makes this system so unique and simple?

Jon has modernized the techniques that Master Jun Chan showed him, back when he had ED. Exercises found in Erection Amplifier are stripped of time-consuming meditation and uncomfortable stretches. Exercises are finely attuned for the modern and busy man.

The purpose of this program is really simple:

  • Strengthen the muscles of your reproductive organ in order to achieve on-command erection
  • Reignite that long awaited feeling you get when you have an erection. It will rebuild your confidence and give you back your life
  • You will finally be able to satisfy your women, no matter how big is her sexual appetite!

What is included in this offer?

Jon suggests that once you buy this product, you should immediately turn on page 35 of the Erection Amplifier e-book.

There, you will find The Action Johnson exercise. By doing this exercise for only two minutes a day, you will loosen the spongy tissues that cover the majority of your penis. That way when the blood starts flowing, the tissue will expand and your penis will be wider than ever before. This is a little uncomfortable at first, but believe me, it is well-worth it.

The exercise might feel uncomfortable at first, but once you see the results, you won’t complain at all! This exercise is perfectly natural and is the most effective way to get your sex life back, and with it, all your problems caused by ED will soon disappear.

This product has already helped more than 7000 men in the US, and their reviews have been more than positive.

On page 81 you’ll learn how to use an ancient Tantric method that will help you keep going even after you had an orgasm.

Bonus content!

Erection Amplifier complete package

50 is the new 25: Sex and Relationships for the New Man

This book is written by Dr. Robert Clemons, famous relationship specialist. The book teaches you how to be a better lover as you get older. It focuses on experience, not on “old age”. Plus, it also shows you new sex positions, what you need to look out for as you get older and how to approach and look at sex as you get old. Basically, you will kind of look forward to your older and more experienced age!

The Grey Wolf’s Guide to Being a More Manly Man

The book will explain to you how to achieve sexual shape and how to maintain it. Also, it explains the importance of having a good and healthy sex life, and the way extends life expectancy.

Get the Erection Amplifier today, and you’ll never again have to worry if you’re big enough or if she’s satisfied!


1. 100% natural method to treat erectile dysfunction
2. Exercises are easy to execute and non-invasive
3. No need for drugs or any additional supplements to diet
4. 100% money back guarantee


1. Some exercises might seem unpleasant at first (but are pain-free)
2. Product video is somewhat long

Summary: Erection Amplifier is a system designed with the purpose to treat erectile dysfunction. It includes series of exercises and correct diet. More importantly, it is 100% natural and does not include any pharmaceutical drugs or any additional supplements to your diet.

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